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DBHC has Several Online Stores

Sometimes the Body Needs a Little Extra to Heal or Stay Healthy

We have several stores that we have contracted with to provide quality products to support our patients and clients. First is the FullScript supplement Store for high quality, medical grade supplements.
We also support Young Living Essential Oils, the most potent and highest quality available today.
Third We have Books for sale on
We also have affiliates that we recommend for your possible needs.

FullScript Online Supplement Store

First and foremost is the need for people to have quality supplements, herbs, homeopathics, Essential Oils, and so on. Most items purchased at grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. are not always of the highest quality. They may be inexpensive but they frequently do not even contain what the label claims or they are chemical based or not bio-available which the body does not metabolize so you are wasting your money.

DBHC has partnered with FullScript (an online distributor of high quality supplements, vitamins, and herbs). When you sign up through the DBHC interface you will receive 10% off all items they sell at wholesale (some items are not sold wholesale). The discount is automatic at checkout, each time you return.

Several times a year FullScript offers a sale at which time you will get an additional 5% off on your purchase.

Not sure which brand to order? FullScript offers a wide variety of brands which can be confusing. Also some things with the same name are actually different. So, if you need help just book a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Beverly (link is in "Contact") and she can write a script for you with some options that are specific to your needs. You simply select the option that works best for you.

Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary


Register at: (register only once and return as often as you like). A large selection of supplements are available there including probiotics.
You will receive 10% off most products with every order (some products Fullscript sells at list price so I am not able to give you a discount on those products). Several times a year, around selected holidays, you will get an additional 5% off for a total of 15% off all products sold at wholesale. All products, deliveries, emails, and support will be via Fullscript and not DBHC or Dr. Beverly. They are a separate business that we have contracted with to provide quality supplements for our patients and clients.


Young Living® Essential Oils

Young Living (YL) essential oils are the most potent on the market. Dr. Beverly has personally tested many brands of essential oils and found that some other brands may be pure, but they are not as potent. Also, the Vitality line or Young Living can be safely taken internally. Find out how to always get 24% off on all your Yound Living orders. Book an appointment with Dr. Beverly for a free consultation on how to get the discount every month when you order YL oils. Here is the link to go directly to Young Living if you prefer to just order.


Meditation Demystified: A Workbook for Everyone

Meditation Demystified: A Workbook for Everyone by Dancing Bear AKA Dr. Beverly is available in several formats at Meditation Demystified book cover Meditation Demystified



Listed below are various affiliates that we recommend and suggest if you are in the market for such products. These are independent companies from DBHC.

  • Biomat: At DBHC we use the HealthyLine™ Biomat to enhance the healing experience of our patients. To receive 10% off and free shipping then use code DBhealing10s when you order from their site.
  • HealthyLine BioMatUse this Coupon code DBhealing10s for 10% off and free shipping
  • AI Mastery Course: We have taken the classes offered by AI Mastery and have saved a great deal of time by using ChatGPT for upgrading our writing and expediting some of the research we do. Information about their program can be found at their site here!
  • ActionEra APP: If you are interested in have your own smart phone APP then visit ActionEra site here!
  • InMotionHosting: If you are interested in having your own server then we suggest InMotionHosting. There are many advantages to having your own server. Your email will be your domain name and match your website domain name. You can have more than one website at no extra cost. This can be a traditional html site, a WordPress, or even a Wix site. Not technical then you can still have someone set up your website for you and you just manage the content. This will save you a lot of money over having to pay for someone else to host your web site. You can also use the site to store videos and other large files. For information on InMotionHosting click here!


Contact Us Today

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can support your holistic well-being through soul integration therapy.


Workshops, Lectures, & Courses

Dr. Beverly regularly holds online and live events on holistic health. These include:

  • Meditation - various meditation techniques are explored with discussions on when to use each type. Her workbook is Meditation Demystified by Dancing Bear AKA Dr. Beverly.
  • Energy Healing - this workshop explores various types of energy healing techniques including setting the intention, setting up a sacred space, creating an altar, and much more...
  • Herbs for the Home Medicine Cabinet - a discussion of must have herbs for the home with information on when and how to use them.
  • Herbs for Travel - a discussion of herbs to take with you when you travel to easily deal with common ailments
  • Herbs for the Flu Season - herbs to use to both boost the immune system and help ward off influenza as well as herbs to take in the event you do get sick.
  • Chinese Nutrition - "Food as Medicine", heal through the food you eat
  • Dr Beverly offers a free program to help people manifest their health and ideal life at OM for Success.

Free, Low Cost, & Advanced Programs

In the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy (DBEA) APP there is much free content & courses, low cost courses, as well as very reasonable Evergreen workshops. Dr. Beverly's free meditation program, OM for Success and her other programs are listed at her Dancing Bear Holistic Transformation site.

Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA)

In the Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy APP (DBEA) APP there is much free content & courses, low cost courses, as well as very reasonable Evergreen workshops.

Weekly Live Meditation on YouTube

Join us live every Thursday, at 5 pm MST-Arizona (we do not have daylight savings) or listen later if that is more convenient. We broadcast on our Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy YouTube channel.