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Neuropathy in general as well as Peripheral Neuropathy has many causes, everything from diabetes mellitus, some medications, a sedentary life style, and many other causes. This is a serious condition that can not only be painful but if not treated can lead to the loss of ones feet due to gangrene in severe cases.


At DBHC we try to determine the underlying cause and help you eliminate the cause if possible. When the cause can be eliminated the extremities may be restored completely or at least to the point of being healthy again. Cases like Diabetic Neuropathy can be healed by changing the diet to better manage sugar as well as some lifestyle changes to improve circulation to the feet.


In other cause of Neuropathy the treatments may be long term, unless the patient is able to change their medication regime (this must be done with the prescribing medical doctor).


No matter what the cause of the Neuropathy we use a combination of various acupuncture procedures, Microcurrent therapy, herbs, and recommendations for home self-treatments to help eliminate the problem, or at least to eliminate the pain and most of the numbness. This is a long term therapy and not a quick fix but it is effective in helping people to recover so they can begin to enjoy life again.


At DBHC we use a 7-step procedure for testing a patients status and severity of the Neuropathy. This 7-step test is repeated every 6-weeks to determine progress.