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Our Services - information regarding the services available at DBHC


About Acupuncture - Information regarding acupuncture in general as well as specifics used at DBHC


NADA - Information regarding detoxification support at DBHC


About Herbs - information regarding the types and brands of herbs used at DBHC


Chromotherapy/Color Healing - Information regarding Healing with Color as well as Colorpuncture information


Vibrational Therapy/Sound Healing - Information regarding sound healing used at DBHC as well as Acutonics information.


Korya (Korean) Hand Therapy - Therapy that can release pain very quickly and can be taught to patients to continue their treatment at home.


Soul Integration Therapy - Information regarding Soul Integration Therapy and the use of Shambhala Tools at DBHC as well as access to the Shambhala Tools store (managed by the Tibetan Foundation).


Forms Download - forms available for download for new patients, filling them out in advance reduces the wait time for one's treatment


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