Complex Chronic Conditrtions

DBHC & Complex Chrnic Conditions

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Diagnosis of Complex Chronic Conditions is a speciality at DBHC. Dr. Beverly is a Holistic Medical Intuitive who is able to not only use many different healing techniques (modalities) but is able to "see into the body" and determine underlying causes of conditions. Treating the symptoms is not effective for long term treatment as the conditions will only return. Once the underlying cause of the condition is determined the patient can be brought back to complete health within limits.

Today many people suffer from chronic conditions. As people age the number of these conditions in one person increases. People are prescribed multiple medications that only mask the symptoms and over time they only get worse and not better.

This is one of our specialties. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is pattern oriented, while Western (Allopathic) Medicine is disease oriented. If the disease either cannot be diagnosed or the treatment is pills form Big Pharma then the condition deteriorates over time.

At DBHC we conduct a full medical history intake to determine the underlying conditions that caused the initial problem. We look at the patterns and not only relieve the symptoms but work with the patient to heal the underlying cause. This can take time and the pattern will change over time as the body heals and returns back to health.

There are three stages to this healing process. First, if there are any acute conditions such as pain these need to be relieved as much as possible. We will address diet and lifestyle changes to help improve ones quality of life. We use acupuncture and, Chinese herbs (if warranted), Essetial Oils & Bach Flower Essences, as well as diet changes to support the healing process.

Second we will continue to support the healing process but the treatments will be less frequent as the body slowly comes back into balance.

The final stage is support or the maintenance phase. These are ongoing treatments to keep the body in balance. Depending on the severity of the condition and how much the body is able to heal the treatments may be weekly (in severe cases), monthly (typical), or quarterly (the minimum recommended to stay balanced). Visit our wellness page for keeping the body in balance and healthy.