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This page has details of changes at DBHC on a variety or topics. They are listed by date, newest announcements first, to make it easier to find anything new being offered or changes at the center.



1 – Vitamin B12 shots

Shots are now available through Zest Natural Medicine for ~$20. Contact Dr. Zeller directly to book your shot at 480-361-5108 (FYI: Zest is at the same address as DBHC at the front door).

Who needs B12 shots?

  • Anyone with neuropathy

  • Anyone on Metformin® which depletes B12 which leads to neuropathy

  • Anyone with fatigue issues

  • Anyone not eating enough fish or eggs (clams, oysters, and crab are also included but we do not recommend these foods as these animals ingest garbage as food).



2 – Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

This service is now available the second Friday of each month at our office. Once again to book an appointment contact Dr. Zeller's office (480-361-5108) and tell them you want to book a thermal Imaging appointment.  Available hours are 9am-11:30am.

The images are sent to an MD for evaluation and diagnosis who specializes in thermal imaging.


Thermal imaging is performed by Pamela Mathews, CCT. For pricing and detailed information visit If Friday’s are not good for you then contact Pamela directly for an appointment at 480-226-8289 as she travels around the valley at different locations and days.

Be sure to tell Zest Natural Medicine and Pamela Mathews you are a patient of DBHC.

Who needs Thermal Imaging?

  • Anyone that wants breast imaging vs. mammograms which actually causes cancer.  Imaging will detect any cancer or other issues in the breast long before a mammogram.

  • Pain diagnosis – if you have pain such as neuropathy, migraines, headaches, back/neck/shoulder pain, etc., then imaging can rule out any neurological issues and exactly pinpoint the origin of the pain.  Since pain in the body is often referred to other areas of the body this is a powerful diagnostic tool to determine the real cause of the issue as well as rule out possible more serious causes of the condition.

  • Early Stage Disease Detection – this is an excellent therapeutic tool that is not harmful to the body (e.g. X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans) to ensure you have optimal health. Again, the diagnosis is performed by an MD who specializes in reading thermograms.



3 – Online Store Changes

  • Fullscript now supports Natural Partners (an Arizona distributor of medical grade supplements and related products) our online supplement store. If you were already registered with NP Script or with Fullscript through Emerson Ecologics then your registration and history were maintained and you just have to log in to Fullscript at

  • If you want to continue to use NP Script it is still available. If you still want to use Emerson Ecologics it is also still available as well however, DBHC now supports one online store to make it less confusing as to which store to use.  Fullscript is very user friendly compared to NP Script and the products DBHC frequently recommends for patients are available by category making ordering easier for you.

  • You will continue to receive 10% off most supplements.

  • Additional information on our Online Store page.

  • If you have any questions or need help with products contact DBHC (480-422-7000). If you have questions or need help with the online system, then please contact Fullscript support directly as DBHC is not able to support their site.